The original champagne

Our story starts in Limoux, France—the birthplace of bubbles.

When our founder, Peter Baedeker, visited Limoux in 2010, he learned that this relatively unknown Southern French region had been producing bottle-fermented champagne since 1531.1.

Peter set out to tell Limoux's story by creating Faire la Fête. Meaning "to party" in French, Faire la Fête is an ode to Limoux's yearly Mardi Gras. Limoux's Fête celebrates the origin of bubbles.

With 15 months minimum of bottle aging, longer than the official requirement for Champagne, Faire la Fête offers an unmatched quality and a much happier price point.

Our mission is simple - we want you to be able to open a bottle of champagne on a Tuesday night with a slice of pizza and your favorite show, but know that you can also serve Faire la Fête with confidence at any special occasion. With so many champagnes out of reach, Faire la Fête is champagne for everyone.

  1. "Cahier des charges de l'appellation d'origine controlée «Limoux»", pg. 10, Limoux, December 7, 2011.